As families change over time and different generations seek to live under the same roof, the need for custom homes that accommodate multi-generational living has grown tremendously. A multi-generational custom home in Utah County allows families to live together, yet still maintain their privacy and independence. It addresses the evolving needs of a diverse family, providing separate living spaces while fostering a sense of unity and togetherness. At Riding Homes, our team of passionate builders and creative designers understand the unique requirements of multi-generational families and strive to create custom homes that meet their specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle goals.

Designing a multi-generational custom home in Utah County can dramatically enhance family interaction, enabling grandparents, parents, and children to form stronger bonds and establish a more stable support system. Furthermore, having a well-designed multi-generational living space ensures that every family member’s requirements are met, regardless of their age, mobility, or lifestyle preferences. Whether you require separate living quarters for aging parents or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for a young adult, Riding Homes is dedicated to helping you build a custom home that accommodates all generations comfortably.

In this blog post, we will delve into the essential aspects of designing a multi-generational custom home in Utah County. We will explore the key considerations, such as accessibility and privacy, to ensure every family member’s needs are met while promoting a harmonious living environment. With the support and expertise of our proficient team at Riding Homes, we can help you create a warm and welcoming multi-generational family home that fosters lasting connections, upholds individual preferences, and caters to an evolving family dynamic.

1. Prioritizing Accessibility and Universal Design Features

To accommodate the diverse needs of every family member in a multi-generational custom home, it’s essential to prioritize accessibility and incorporate universal design features. These elements can enhance convenience and comfort for occupants of all ages and mobility levels:

– Single-Level Living: Opt for single-level floor plans or ensure that essential spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, are accessible on the main floor to accommodate aging relatives or disabled family members.

– Wider Doorways and Hallways: Design doorways and hallways wide enough to allow easy passage for wheelchairs and walkers. This improves maneuverability and accessibility for older adults or those with physical disabilities.

– Step-Free Entrances: Incorporate ramps or step-free entrances for ease of access, ensuring family members with limited mobility can enter and exit the home safely and comfortably.

2. Designing Flexible Spaces and Separate Living Quarters

Creating versatile spaces and separate living quarters that can adapt to changing family dynamics is crucial in a multi-generational custom home. This flexibility enables families to maintain privacy and independence while living together:

– Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): ADUs, such as guesthouses or detached apartments, can provide independent living spaces for young adults or grandparents while keeping them close to the main family home.

– Convertible Spaces: Design spaces that can easily be converted or repurposed for changing needs, such as a home office that can become a bedroom for a future family addition, or a playroom that can serve as a hobby room for grandparents.

– Independent Amenities: Equip separate living areas with amenities like kitchenettes or ensuite bathrooms to accommodate various family members’ needs while promoting independence and comfort.

3. Balancing Shared Spaces and Personal Privacy

In a multi-generational custom home, promoting a sense of togetherness while preserving individual privacy is essential. Thoughtful design strategies can ensure family members feel connected while also having personal space:

– Open Concept Living Areas: Create an open concept living area that encourages family interaction and shared experiences, fostering stronger bonds between generations.

– Distinct Bedroom Wings: Organize bedrooms and bathrooms into separate wings or distinct zones within the house, allowing each family member to retreat to their personal space when needed.

– Soundproofing Measures: Implement effective soundproofing techniques, such as incorporating acoustic insulation between walls or using solid-core doors, to enhance privacy and minimize noise transfer between living spaces.

4. Integrating Outdoor Living Spaces for Multi-Generational Enjoyment

Incorporating comfortable and inviting outdoor living spaces can provide additional areas for family members to relax, entertain, and connect while enjoying Utah County’s beautiful landscapes:

– Multi-Level Decking: Design decks or patios at varying elevations to create separate outdoor living spaces for different generations, offering privacy and independence while still being connected to the main outdoor area.

– Inclusive Landscaping: Incorporate accessible walkways, ramps, and seating areas to ensure every family member can enjoy the outdoor space, regardless of their age or mobility.

– Play and Relaxation Areas: Integrate play areas for children and quiet, shaded relaxation spots for older adults, fostering outdoor engagement and leisure opportunities for all generations.


Designing and building a multi-generational custom home in Utah County offers a unique opportunity to create a living space that truly reflects the needs, preferences, and evolving dynamics of your family. By prioritizing accessibility and universal design features, designing flexible spaces and separate living quarters, balancing shared spaces with personal privacy, and integrating outdoor living areas that accommodate every generation, you can create a family-centered home that fosters lasting connections and harmonious living.

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