As global environmental concerns grow, homeowners are increasingly interested in adopting sustainable practices and eco-friendly design elements for their living spaces. Many are seeking ways to lessen their ecological footprint, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a healthier environment for future generations. At Riding Homes, we understand your commitment to protecting our planet, and as one of Utah’s best home builders, we strive to help you make informed choices about the sustainability features you incorporate into your new Eagle Mountain home.

This blog post will delve into various eco-friendly design elements and sustainable features that you can consider incorporating into your custom home, helping you transition to a greener, more responsible lifestyle. With the guidance of our expert team, you can turn your Eagle Mountain residence into an environmentally conscious haven that not only reduces energy costs but also uplifts your day-to-day living experience.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Your Home

One of the most effective ways to reduce your home’s environmental impact is by focusing on energy efficiency. Implementing smart choices in the design phase can result in significant long-term savings. Here are some key areas to consider when aiming for a more energy-efficient home:

  1. Energy-Efficient Appliances: Opt for Energy Star-certified appliances, which use less energy and water than their conventional counterparts. This includes refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and HVAC systems.
  2. Smart Home Technology: Equip your home with smart thermostats, lighting systems, and automated window shades that adjust according to external conditions and personal preferences, thus optimizing energy consumption.
  3. High-Quality Insulation: Invest in high-performance insulation materials for walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as energy-efficient windows and doors, to improve temperature regulation and minimize heat loss.

Integrating Renewable Energy Sources

Utah’s abundance of sunshine provides the perfect opportunity to harness solar energy for residential use. Integrating solar power systems can significantly reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources, cut down utility bills, and shrink your carbon footprint. Here are some types of solar power installations to consider:

  1. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels: Installing solar PV panels on your roof or ground-mounted systems in your backyard can generate electricity for your home’s everyday needs.
  2. Solar Water Heaters: Upgrading to a solar water heater can significantly reduce your hot water costs, as the system utilizes solar energy to heat water directly or indirectly through a heat exchanger.
  3. Solar Pool Heating: If your Eagle Mountain home features a pool, consider installing solar pool heating systems, which use solar collectors to transfer the sun’s heat to your pool water, reducing the need for conventional heating methods.

Creating a Water-Saving Landscape

Incorporating water conservation practices within your landscape design is essential for sustainability, particularly in a drought-prone state like Utah. Here are some ways to create an eco-friendly outdoor space:

  1. Native and Drought-Resistant Plants: Choose native Utah plant species and drought-tolerant plants that require minimal water input. These plants have evolved to thrive in the local climate and are generally low-maintenance.
  2. Efficient Irrigation Systems: Implement water-saving irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation or networked sprinklers controlled by smart devices, which water your plants and lawn on a schedule and reduce water waste.
  3. Xeriscaping: Adopt xeriscaping techniques, a landscaping approach that utilizes mulch, rocks, and other materials to reduce or eliminate the need for watering.

Choosing Environmentally Responsible Building Materials

Selecting eco-friendly building materials for your Eagle Mountain home can greatly improve its overall sustainability. Environmentally responsible materials contribute to a cleaner environment and improved indoor air quality. Consider these options when planning your custom home:

  1. Responsibly-Sourced Wood: Choose wood products made from certified, sustainably-managed forests, such as FSC-certified lumber, plywood, or engineered wood products.
  2. Recycled Materials: Opt for building materials that incorporate recycled content, such as recycled metal, reclaimed brick, or recycled glass countertops and tiles.
  3. Non-Toxic Materials: Select low- or zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, sealants, and adhesives to minimize indoor air pollutants and create a healthier living environment.


Incorporating sustainable features and eco-friendly design elements in your new Eagle Mountain home can have lasting benefits for both your family and the environment. With careful planning and the help of Riding Homes, Utah’s premier home builder, you can create a comfortable, responsible, and energy-efficient haven that aligns with your green living goals. Embracing sustainable practices, such as enhancing energy efficiency, integrating renewable energy sources, conserving water in your landscape, and using environmentally responsible materials, will contribute to a brighter, healthier future for all. Make the decision to invest in a greener lifestyle today and enjoy the rewards for many years to come.

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